Belegost and Callin

XP = 525
GP = -12.5

After leaving Port Myrdon, the party went to Nevets. On the road, Wenlin began teaching the group the basics of reading his ciphers. There was some discussion of whether Rawar would be able to learn to read them or not.

They managed the journey without any encounters. When they arrived, however, the guards mentioned that they looked just like the sketches shown to them by a group of people in black cloaks with runes on them. These people specifically mentioned the strange-looking dwarf with a large silver sword, and described the special properties of the sword. The party immediately identified these people as the Githyanki, who had attacked them on a ship from Ivinia to Port Myrdon, looking for the sword.

The night passed without incident and the party continued to Belegost. One night along the way, as they were getting ready to go to sleep, a rift opened and a group of six Githyanki appeared from it. While the attackers did manage to knock Griff unconscious, the rest of the group escaped with very little damage (except Varian, of course, who was hit by Gwystyl’s Call Lightning spell. He was mostly okay though. Just a little singed.) However, during this encounter, the leader of the Githyanki informed them that they had “crushed the mind” of their friend with the scars, who the party assumes is Scy.

After that, the party successfully reached Belegost. The dwarves they ran into were somewhat disturbed by Wenlin’s refusal to drink, but they encountered no real trouble. For 100 gold a dwarf named Flint agreed to take them to the Elven city of Callin. They made their way and arrived without incident.
Upon arriving in the city, they requested to see Kassaderon and Sanfire. One of the guards introduced himself as Sanfire, and Wenlin immediately developed an attraction to the man—though he wasn’t quite sure how to feel about this, since Sanfire is the heir to the throne of Simal. The party explained the situation to Kassaderon and Sanfire. Kassaderon had a lot of concerns and questions, namely whether people would accept Sanfire as king. After thinking overnight, the party was told that they would have to hike to the summit of a mountain and secure a blessing from the woman Irasus, who is considered very wise.
The group went up the mountain to see Irasus. She appeared to be an incredibly old woman who lived in a cave lined with gold and somehow knew a significant amount about them. She had a short discussion with each of them.

Ander: Irasus told Ander that he would be happy when they returned to Simal, and that people would believe him.
Griff: Irasus suggested that Griff should be more trusting of his loyal friends.
Gwystal: Irasus noted that Gwystal had been through a lot, and that he’d found a good group to join.
Pyra: Irasus said that the mountaintop reminded Pyra of her own home, and that she was a long way away from home.
Rawar/Storm: Irasus told Rawar and Storm that they should be more noble.
Varian: In this very enlightening encounter, Irasus mentioned that Varian had heard some rumors about an old friend that were very disturbing, which he had not shared with the group. Varian replied by saying that he didn’t think the information was relevant at the time and he didn’t want to unnecessarily spoil the name of his friend.
Wenlin: Irasus told Wenlin that he was doing the right thing. When questioned about what would come of Myrdon after the slaves had been freed, she predicted that there would be much suffering, but that Myrdon had survived for a long time and could probably take care of itself.

Once these interactions had finished, Irasus told them that she would help them if they returned to her two weapons from the wizard Keraptis, whom the party had heard unfavorable talk of in Belegost. The two weapons were Black Razor, which she said ate souls, and Wave, a trident. She mentioned that these weapons were sentient, and that the group should not touch them. There was also a third weapon, Whelm, which had been taken from the dwarves of Belegost. The dwarves offered a reward of 5,000 GP for its return.

The party accepted this quest, and Irasus gave them instructions to go to White Plume Mountain, a volcano that Griff had been dreaming about and drawing repeatedly for several nights.


After being told not to come into the cave, Gwystyl became a black cat and entered the cave anyway. Irasus told him to leave, as she had not invited him in, and Gwystyl obliged. The next morning, the group headed on their way. They made it back through Callin and Belegost without incident, talking briefly to Kassaderon, Sanfire, and the dwarves. They then headed for White Plume Mountain, where they found a cave they had been told about and set up a base camp. They began investigating various ways to get into the mountain.

It should also be noted that Keraptis is the old friend of Varian’s that Irasus mentioned, and that Varian is feeling as though he has a lot to atone for. Please send him love and hugs.


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