Ivinia - The Merchant's Last Coin

Griff’s Visions

Griff often has visions or strange dreams. For months he had a re-occurring dream involving Rawar. This was Griff’s dream:

coin.jpgam. You are conducting a transaction with a merchant in a store of some sort. You sell him something and take the merchants last coin as payment. The notice the merchants hand is covered in blood as you take the coin. The vision shifts dramatically.

You are now in a strange city , and people dress differently and speak with a strange accent. This is a city in Myrdon, the kingdom to the south which Simal fought against during the war. You realize you are not present physically, but you participate in the dream as an observer.
Rawar walks past you and you follow along with them as they turn off of a main road into an alley. Down the alley is a two story stone building. Rawar knocks on the door and it is answered by a man who ushers in Rawar. The man speaks, “Thank you for coming, follow me this way.”

stairs.jpgThe man and Rawar pass through a large room. The center is dominated by a 20’ wide shaft leading down. A polished brass railing rings most of the shaft, except for a small section where a 5’ wide spiral stair way works its way down the shaft. Rawar looks curiously at the shaft as they are led beyond it to an exit on the far side of the room. The man notices the curious glance and quickly explains, “It’s the masters wine cellar.”

You follow the man and Rawar through various rooms although you cannot seem to make out or remember the details.

The vision shifts again and Rawar is now lying on a stone floor, dead, bathed in a massive pool of their own blood. Rawar cold lifeless eyes stair up at you.
The vision fades.


The group is trying to find Kassaderon, the former Queen Mother of Simal, and her Son Sanfire. Sanfire may be the heir to the throne of Simal. They both be alive in the elven viillage of Callin, which is supposedly near the dwarf city of Belegost. Belegost is south of Myrdon.


The party was crossing Myrdon and had journyed from Harn in the north to Ivinia along the coast of Myrdon Bay.

The party found and inn and begin to settle in. As the night wound down a funny looking middle aged man approached Rawar and asked him to follow him. The many had detail claimed to have details about Kassaderon and Sanfire. Names that almost NO ONE should be aware off. Curious but concern Rawar went with the strange man, followed by Pyra who was hiding in the shadows.

The rest of the party watched through a crystal ball Varian had recovered in Falcon’s peak. The crystal ball was tainted with wild magic, but other than giving Varian a nasty headache it seemed to work well enough.

Rawar was led through city streets and eventually past an inn. The inn had a single out front displaying a single gold coin. Below the symbol was the name of the Inn, “The Merchant’s Last Coin”.

Remembering Griff’s vision, the rest of the party watching through crystal ball, immediately started running full tilt toward Rawar.

Rawar concerned, but curious was led down an alley and into the back of a two story manner house. Inside, he was led past a shaft, with a brass railing and spiral staircase. His guide explained that below was the master’s wine cellar. Rawar was led through a library and up to the masters chambers. The master a vampire, charmed Rawar, who passively submitted to the vampires wishes.

Pyra crept into the manner house following Rawar. Also knowing Griff’s visions she was frightened but determined to rescue Rawar, her friend and lover. Pyra was led to a another vampire a woman, and although she put up a valiant effort, she too was overpowered and was taken.

Varian’s scrying efforts with the crystal ball got the group close, but it was Storm’s expert tracking abilities that led the rest of the group to the manner house. Pyra then Rawar both drained of blood and barely alive were both rescued. The master, the head vampire was defeated but not killed. Players attempted to locate his coffin but could not and withdrew from the manner house.

Tired and weary, having barely escaped death Pyra proposed to Rawar as the escaped the vampires home. Rawar accepted.

During the night Varian was approached in the inn and was offered a 2500 gold to deliver the Ander, Rawar or Griff dead or alive. A rendez-vous was set for the following night.

The next day the party purchased silvered weapons and debated what to do next. Attempt to kill the vampires? See if the man who approached Varian shows up at the rendez-vous? Or simply slip out of town and continue towards Belegosh and Callin?


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