Romance Overboard

800 xp per player

Griff’s new found fame in Ivinia as a mighty vampire slayer attracted the attention of the local nobel, Duke Haughtson, who invited Griff and his companions to visit him. Expecting more accolades or an perhaps an opportunity to set the record straight Griff, Pyra and a very hung-over and somewhat inebriated Rawar accepted the invitation.

As the group arrived at the palace they saw Sir Wenlin finishing an intense conversation with Duke Haughtson. Neither man looked particularly happy. The Duke ordered Sir Wenlin from the room, and then turned his attention to Griff, Pyra and Rawar.

The meeting was not to celebrate, or heap more accolades at Griff’s feet. The tone was more threatening and ominous. The Duke was unhappy to find foreigners from the north acting as vigilantes stirring up trouble in his city. Moreover the Duke had been approached by Fodel and Bor, two bounty hunters from Simal looking for Griff, Rawar and Ander. Prior to the groups arrival they had told the Duke that Griff, Rawar and Ander were wanted as traitors in Simal for attacking and maiming Lord Amfred. In exchange for handing over the players and helping transport them back to Simal, Fodel and Bor offered the Duke 2500 gold per captive.

The Duke was clearly tempted to put the group in shackles and send them back to Simal. Pyra and Griff both choose their words with great care and skill slowly managed to convince the Duke that they had done the city of Ivinia a great service by dispatching of the vampires. The admitted the evaded capture by the city guard when Father Madec of St Cuthbert tried to have them arrested. They also allayed fears that the Simal was ready to strike and resume the war with Myrdon by revealing that Simal was embroiled in a civil war. Fodel tried to paint a different picture but was outwitted and out manevered by the eloquent and compelling speeches by Griff and Pyra. With a corroborating witness, a survivor from the vampires lair, the Duke agreed to let the group go free if they left town by sunset. Caught in their own lies, Fodel and Bor were led away in shackles to the dungeons of the Duke.

Rawar as not silent during the visit to the Duke’s court, althought it’s debatable if his drunken slurred words could be construed as speech. When Rawar did speak he incurred the anger and irritation of the Duke. At one point Rawar’s words were wisely cut short by a passionate kiss from his finance Pyra. After becoming ill in the court, Rawar was led away by the guards. He was forcibly bathed and shackled before returning to the court. Gradually the Duke’s irritation changed to amusement and pity for Pyra. Wishing mercy on Pyra’s soul for having chosen Rawar as a mate he ordered the group from the palace and ordered that Rawar be repeatedly dunked in the river to sober him up.

Under close escort by guards from Ivinia, the group secured passage on a ship bound for Port Myrdon, the next city to the west in Myrdon, bringing them closer to Belegost and hopefully to Callin.

4e_githyanki.jpgAfter a quiet 5 days at sea a group of Githyanki, the same creatures encountered while exploring Falcon’s Peak, appeared through a tear in the groups sleeping quarters below deck. They demanded the return of the Silver Sword held by Storm. The group bluffed and said they had buried the sword back in Simal. The Githyanki informed the group they were to be purified for even having contact with the sword and a battle ensued. One of the Githyanki hammered at the side of the ship nearly breaching the hull, but the group prevailed. One Githyanki escaped through the rift promising his comrades he would return with help.

The captain of the ship was alarmed and outraged. After a heated argument he returned the money he was paid for Griff, Pyra and Rawar to secure passage and the group was forced to swim through stormy seas, except for Griff who flew.

It was dark and the water was choppy. The violent seas proved to be too much for Rawar who came became exhausted and could no longer swim. Calling out in the darkness to Griff for help struggled to keep from downing. Miraculously Griff heard Rawar’s cries and raced back into the choppy seas, plucked Rawar from a watery grave and carried him to safety. In the distance the ship that had once carried them exploded and sunk. The group passed out on the sandy shore as the night passed.

Still tired the next day from the ordeal the group spent most of the next day resting and recovering. They spotted a group of armed mounted men heading west on a nearby road and carefully avoided them. Once they passed the set out on the road despite the late hour.

They headed west along the coast to Port Myrdon on foot and encountered a group of pixies who played tricks and pranks on them. Two the delight of the hidden pixies Rawar’s ears grew to elephant size, and he had to carry them in his arms. Rather than becoming irritated or angered the group reacted with patience and kindness. They befriended the pixies who flew them to a nearby forest where the group was fed and cared for. The pixies had heard of the elven village of Callin that the group was seeking and told the group that the dwarves of Belegost could show them how to reach it.

After a night of food, rest, games and merrymaking with the Pixies; Miracleguest, Fruittoy, Wigglemitten and Mittencard the group was sprinkled with pixie dust giving them the power of flight for a short time. Rawar, Griff and Pyra flew then walked for two more days until they reached Port Myrdon.

Port Myrdon, the capital city of Myrdon, was a massive city on the coast split by a river. They were ordered to bind their weapons and pay a modest tax before entering the city. A festival or celebration was underway. They made their way through the city enjoying exotic foods and dancing to strange and unfamiliar tunes, until their progress was interrupted by a the Procession of Lucor. An argument broke out at the head of the procession and Prya intervened, helping cool tensions. The argument subsided and the procession continued. The argument was between two local families, the Radu family, led by a local Baron were in the procession. The other group, the Tornescu is a powerful merchant family in Port Myrdon.

Rawar and Pyra tried to make some money gambling and running con-games. Although they did not make much money, Pyra attracted the attention of Bryon a polite, rich and handsome young suitor who pressed his luck to win Pyra’s affections, incurring the wrath of a very jealous Rawar. Bryon invited Pyra to meet him at the Green Emerald Inn, but was overheard by Rawar. Griff wanting nothing to do with this settled in at the Stonewood Tavern and Inn. Pyra and Rawar proceeded to the Green Emerald. While Rawar waited hidden in the shadows, Pyra let Bryon down gently. Rawar still nearly tore Bryon’s head off.

As both groups settled in at each in, Griff taught the visitors at the Stormwood Tavern how to sing the Ballad of Griff. He was then approached by Theosius, who offered him money to be on call to help him with jobs around the city. Griff explained they would not be staying long. Theosisus explained the jobs were dangerous but were in no way illegal. He offered Griff money, and although Griff turned down the money he told Theosius he was willing to listen, but needed to know more before accepting.

Back at the Green Emerald Inn Pyra and Rawar were talking outside. Pyra was calming Rawar’s concerns over Bryon when strange men stepped out of the shadows and offered them work. They had notice Rawar’s stealthy skills and told them to stay in town for a while. Cautiously Pyra and Rawar accepted. The men threw them a small sack of gold and disappeared.

The next morning the two halves of the group re-united at Stonewood Tavern when an old woman burst into the tavern hysterical and panicked, pleading for help. The barkeep identified the woman as Goodwife Thanto from across the street. Sobbing on her knees, she insisted there were demons in her basement trying to kill her. Rawar agreeded to help and the party entered Goodwife Thanto’s humble home. The found the open trap door to the basement and climbed down.

Below, they found a large earthen cavern covered in ankle deep mud. The room was criss-crossed with supporting beams and planks. Large blobs of mud seep down between the cracks. Across the chamber three thin and naked men shovel by the light of a feeble lantern. Four well armored men watched them work…


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