The Veiled Society

286 xp each

Rawar, Sir Wenlin, Griff and Storm climbed down the ladder into the muddy basement of Goodwife Thanto’s house in Port Myrdon. They discovered four armed men ordering three thin naked slaves to dig tunnels in the earth. Rawar approached quietly and took one captive, holding a sword to his throat and demanding to know what the armed men were up to.

After a brief stand off, the remaining three armed men ran town a narrow tunnel excavated from the earth. Rawar slit the throat of his captive and the group pursued the armed men down the tunnel and into another excavated cavern. Two more men; a half orc and a half elf were already in this room, digging a hole and were about to toss a body wrapped in cloth into the body.

The armed men turned and stood their ground, but were quickly dispatched by Rawar, Sir Wenlin, Griff and Storm. The group carefully left one prisoner alive and tried to beat and torture information out of him. Sir Wenlin was clearly disturbed and conflicted but allowed the behavior to continue for a time.

The body the armed men were planning to bury was a beautiful young blond woman in rich silk night clothes. Sir Wenlin felt this person was familiar, perhaps someone important, but could not place her.

Although there were more passages running under the city the group decided to fetch the city guard. The guards began to investigate and quickly decided the group needed to return to the city palace while a proper investigation took place. The group complied, ultimately surrendering their weapons and submitting to a tribunal of clerics to prove that they were innocent and their statements were true. This took several days, and the group was locked up in the palace dungeon during this time. Early in the questioning Sir Wenlin told a complete lie to the city guard, this along with failing to prevent torture has left Sir Wenlin conflicted. Recent prayers by Sir Wenlin to his god have been met with silence, bringing him no solace

During their incarceration Sir Wenlin made multiple appeals to see King Brian. After their innocence was confirmed the King did appear, with questions about why men of Simal were travelling in Myrdon and to ask a favor . The King explained the woman killed was Luca Valori, from the Valori family, one of three major families in Port Myrdon. The others, being the Radu and the Tornescu. All three families have a long history of conflict and rivalry. The King asked the group to investigate the murder in exchange for the right to pass freely through Port Myrdon. He explained that if the city guard investigated the three families would know someone was looking into the matter and his hand would be tipped. Rawar, Storm and Griff were unknown and would not rose suspicions. Rawar demanded money, and Griff was unhappy to find himself helping Myrdon yet again while being viewed as a "dirty northerner’. Still the group complied. Their disrespect in front of the King did not sit well with Sir Wenlin.

During the meeting the King spoke at length about Sir Wenlin, revealing that Sir Wenlin had lost family during the five year war with Simal. Sir Wenlin also led the capture of over 100 soldiers of Simal and delivered them to the King. The King admitted that all captured soldiers of Simal were given to orc and hobgoblin slavers from Aldane. Myrdon did not have the resources to feed the prisoners, and the slavers were raiding southern Myrdon. Giving the prisoners to the slavers stopped the raids, and solved the problem of feeding and caring for them. The King seemed remorseful regarding the decision but was unable to find another solution. Sir Wenlin was deeply troubled to learn this.

The group only had a few clues uncovered by the guard:

Murder Site: Lucia was murdered in a small cottage at the Valori estate. There was evidence of some valuables taken, and blood mixed with sweet wine were found at the house. Tunnels led from the house under the city, to Goodwife Thano’s basement where the players encountered the armed men.

Also at the murder site was a Torenescu signet ring. The Torenescu are another major family power in Port Myrdon. Lucia had reportedly spurned the advances of Stephanos Torenescue

A bloody dagger with bits of red hair nearby was found at the scene.

Blood mixed with sweet wine was found at the scene. Someone tried to write something in the blood. It was difficult to make out, it could have been “BAD…”, “BAO…”, “RAD…” or “RAO…” more red hair was found in the blood.

A heavy hemp rope was found at the murder scene.

Finally on the ladder leading down into the tunnels, pitch or tar was found on the ladders rungs.

The group began to investigate, visiting the Valori estate and visiting with Baron Valori, a wealthy merchant about the murder of his niece Lucia He felt certain it was Stephanos Torenescue. While looking at the entrance to the tunnels the found a map to the city with several locations marked on it including the Rattlebone Inn, Zwies Radu’s house and the Valori estate.

Although it was very late in the day the group decided they would try to visit the Torenesque family. While crossing a crowed market the locals were whipped into a frenzy by a firey orator. The city was already on edge as word of the murder had spread and it did not take much for the mob to turn violent. The city guard arrived and mounted horseman surrounded the mod, with the group trapped in the middle. From somewhere in the crowd rocks were thrown and a guard was knocked off his horse and was torn to pieces by the crowd, the guard advanced.

The violence spread rapidly, and became a full scale riot. The group tried to make there way out without engaging, but found themselves trapped time and time again by advancing waves of guards and an angry mom. Storm whipped the mob into a even greater frenzy sending them headlong into a wall of heavily armed guards, handing her extra weapons off to members of the mob. Ultimately the group scaled the side of the building and escaped.

Early in the trio, Griff used fly to get above the mob and attempted to track the orator who got the mob riled up in the first place. A battled ensured, and although Griff was seriously wounded, he outmaneuvered the man and eventually killed him in battle. Griff found a large sack of gold on the orator, perhaps he was well paid to rile up trouble, who knows???

Sir Wenlin went to a shrine of Bocob to pray and mediate, but found know answers or relief. Perhaps his lies and failing to prevent torture and cruelty had caused his deity to abandon him.

Griff returned to the Stonewood Inn and found the Theosius, the man who approached him on his first night in Port Myrdon, had left him a note asking him to take a package from a ship to a senators house in exchange for payment. There was a warning that people would want to take the package from him. Without more information, Griff refused to accept the offer and went to bed hoping the riots would end and the tempers in the city would cool overnight.

Rawar and Storm returned to the Green Emerald. They a dagger with a note tied to it was thrown into the wall outside the inn telling them to be an Vinter’s Lane tonight before the second bell where they would receive further instructions.

They accepted and headed to Vinter’s Lane. The only shop open as run by a fat old wine merchant. During a fit of coughing by the old merchant men wearing hoods and cowls stepped out of the shadows, they gave Rawar and Storm hoods and told them to put them on and said, “You are now one of us. If they catch you they kill you. If you betray us, we kill you. Act in our name but without our blessing and we kill you. Work hard for us and you will prosper. Once with us you cannot leave us.”

A small boy ran up and whispered a message to one of the hooded man, then he ordered the group to follow and ran through winding streets and alleys across the city. The veiled men, including Rawar and Storm were positioned in alleys around a dark street. Lamps on the street were muffled and the group waited.

Finally men looking like beggars approached down the street. The leader of the veiled men gave a signal and yelled now. The group of veiled men leapt out and attacked beggar like men.

Rawar and Storm. decided to….


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