Veiled Society - conclusion

XP = 1450

GP = 761

After learning that Sir Wenlin had been imprisoned, the part headed to the inn that they had discovered to be something of a base of operations for the Veiled Society. After partaking of the inn’s alcohol, they followed a suspicious-looking man into a back hallway, but only found two men playing a dice game. Pyra attempted to join in, and the men told her that if she bought them ale, they would play a round with her. Before she got a chance to purchase the drinks, however, the two men attacked. The group defeated them easily.

Following the battle, Varian discovered a secret door. It led to a small ten by ten hallway, where the group found yet another secret door. After some messing around, they managed to open the door and found themselves in another hallway, this one leading to a room filled with men. One man stood before the crowd, talking about the riot they had started. Eventually, he mentioned that one of the men in the crowd was a traitor. The others mobbed the alleged traitor and started beating him.

With a mighty fireball, Griff killed every man in the crowd. The man who had been speaking to them was left alive and made his way down a hallway.


After transforming into a dire wolf, Gwystal caught up with the man. Several of the others also followed, and they managed to subdue him after he was shot in the leg. He introduced himself as Antonio Radu. The group tried to get information out of him, but he wouldn’t talk. Gwystal transformed back into a human and cast Charm Person on Antonio, inducing a serious case of déjà vu when the man said that they should speak privately.

Antonio led Gwystal down the hallway, Varian using his crystal ball to watch them. There was an unfortunate mishap with the scrying, and Varian managed to summon a Vrock. The Vrock attacked the group, and after a significant struggle, the group managed to dispel it. During the fight, Gwystal attacked Antonio, ending the spell and greatly annoying the man who now felt betrayed. Yet again, Gwystal managed to subdue the man.

The party made their way down the hallway, eventually coming to a door and an alcove to the right that was seemingly empty. An investigation revealed that there was a secret door in the alcove, and the group entered to find an old man dead on the floor and two other men, the younger with a sword to the older’s chest. The young man said that the older man had killed their father and asked for assistance. The older told the group to get out.

Storm decided it would be in the group’s best interests to attack the older man, and so the party became engaged in yet another battle. Varian cast hypnotic pattern on the two strangers, but only the younger was affected. Instead, the older was stopped by a threat from Gwystal to kill Antonio Radu. Pyra shook the younger man out of his trance, and he told the group that he knew that Sir Wenlin was locked up and was willing to help them get him out if they would help him kill the older man. The group did kill the older man, however instead of accepting the offer of help, they knocked the younger man out and brought both him and Antonio Radu to the king.

King Brian thanked them for their help, and offered them a choice between his favor or a reward of a handsome sum of money. The group declined both offers, asking instead for the release of Sir Wenlin—Wenlin now, as he had been stripped of rank and honor after continually refusing the king’s orders. The king granted their request and returned Wenlin to them, though he had been separated from his armor and weapons. He was given half plate armor that had been collected from one of the various fights, and Storm gave him a shield.

The party headed back to the inn for one more night in Myrdon. They finally decided to fill in Gwystal on what was going on, and Varian decided that Wenlin was trustworthy enough to tell him the whole story as well. Wenlin said that he would continue to help them, and requested their help in freeing the slaves in Aldane. The group agreed.


Yes, you read that right. Wenlin went on a shopping spree. He purchased new weapons, as well as some other items that he thought might come in hands. And a set of fine clothes that are probably useless, but he wanted them so he got them. It isn’t like the party is short on money.


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