The Kingdom of Simal (aka the Great Northern Realms)

The Kingdom of Simal, also known as the Great Northern Realms, lives north of the Great Rift Mountains (a.k.a. the Argenta Mountains). Simal is a primarily human kingdom, but it is also home to elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes and half-orcs. Non-humans are not-rare in Simal but they are in the minority.

Dwarves are not particularly well regarded. During the five year war with Mydron, the trade more with Myrdon, simply due to geographic proximity. This still caused mistrust and anger between most of the population, who feel dwarves favored Myrdon.

Myrdon is in crisis. Following the five year war, the line of kings was been broken. During the war, the king and his three sons all perished, leaving no clear heir to the throne.


Other locations of note


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